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Toyota Dyna Engine245 views
Toyota Dyna applications122 views
Toyota Dyna126 views
Toyota Dyna178 views
Toyota Hiace Anti-Corrosion225 viewsCorrosion-resistant materials are used in key areas throughout the Hiace to provide long-lasting protection against rust
Toyota Hiace Alarm system236 viewsRemote control unit (RCU) and auto door lock feature helps prevent incidence of theft. These one-touch safety features also add convenience to the simple process of locking up.
Toyota Hiace Air-conditioning228 views2-tier air conditioning for faster cabin cooling and passenger comfort.
Toyota Hiace227 viewsThere was two type of Toyota Hiace :
1) Toyota Hiace Window Van
2) Toyota Hiace Panel van
Toyota Hiace186 views
Toyota Hiace Reverse Sensor438 viewsUser-friendly reverse sensor detects obstacles and helps you park tha Hiace with ease.
Toyota Hiace Plan738 views
Toyota Hiace Front Power Window and Audio System422 viewsFront Power Window
- Convenient one-touch power windows does away with the hassle of manually winding it up and down.

Audio System
- The Hiace is also equipped with an audio system that includes a high-quality CD player with AM/FM radio. Great for those long drives
Toyota Hiace Crumple zone344 viewsAmple crumple zone, upper and lower members at the front of the frame and side impact beams in the front doors contribute to class-leading safety.
Toyota Hiace Common Rail Turbo Diesel Engine394 views
Toyota Hiace View378 viewsRoomly cabin, ample air-conditioning and seats 11 comfortably. The all-new Hiace window van is ready to take you places. And because people come in all shapes and sizes, the Hiace's extra high headroom gives everyone a whole lot more breathing space.

If it's goods you're lookiong to carry, Toyota Hiace panel van will add a bigger dimension to your business. With an even larger storage area, you can now move more cargo per trip.
Toyota Hiace turning Radius473 viewsBetter manoeuvrability is assured by a minimum turning radius of 5.0m. Just what you need for town driving and parking in tight spaces.
Toyota Hiace Suspension707 viewsA combination of front double-wishbone torsion bar spring suspension and rear leaf spring suspension provides optimised stability and ride-comfort even at full load.
Toyota hiace Specifications515 viewsFor Model Window Van and Panel Van
Toyota Hiace Safety Brake Pedal455 viewsIn event of frontal collision, the brake folds up and out of the way, to reduce the impact to driver's feet
Toyota Hilux Bedliner366 viewsThe Bedliner not only imrpoves the cargo deck's looks, it acts as protection by preventing unsightly scratches.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab automatic disconneting differential (ADD)404 viewsThe ADD features allows you to effortlessly shift betwwen 2WD and 4WD while the vehicle is in motion, giving you more control.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab anti-lock braking system (ABS)292 viewsABS helps prevent wheel lock-ups during sudden braking or when braking on slippery roads thereby ensuring vehicle stability. It also allows the driver to steer around obstacles without losing control.
Toyota Hilux297 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab310 views
Toyota Hilux D-4D Common Rail turbo Diesel320 viewsThe Hilux is powered by a 2.5 L D-4D Common Rail Turbo Diesel, 16 valve, DOHC (double overhead camshafts) and direct injection engine. Smooth, quiet and responsive, the Hilux engine makes easy work of most driving situations.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Cupholders303 viewswith nine beverage holders throught the cabin, driver and passengers can easily enjoy drinks at their convenience.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Common Rail409 viewsIt produces substantially higher pressure and injects much finer fuel for improved combustion efficiency. when combined with an advanced 32-bit ECU, this system results in greater fuel economy, powerfuk accelaration adn cleaner emissions. The 32-bit ECU acives all these by monitoring engine temperature, RPM and other factors controlling ignition timing.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Collapsible Wheel Column291 viewsAn additional safety feature which, in the event of an accident, ensures that the steering whell column collapse out of harm's way instead of posing a potential threat to the driver.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Cabin277 views
Toyota Hilux Exterior Design280 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Enjin318 viewsThe Hilux is powered by a 2.5 L D-4D Common Rail Turbo Diesel, 16 valve, DOHC (double overhead camshafts) and direct injection engine. Smooth, quiet and responsive, the Hilux engine makes easy work of most driving situations.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Engine speed chart242 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Dashboard Upper Compartments451 viewsConvenient extra storage spaces for the little extra items.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Dashboard285 viewsErgonomically designed, the user-friendly dashboard ensures that controls are within easy reach.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab LSP & LSD299 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Headlamp265 viewsSmoothly angled, the sleek headlamps with clear outer lenses ensure a brightly iluminated path ahead, as well as being easily seen by oncoming vehicles
Toyota Hilux Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA)283 viewsThe Hilux's crash safety bidy comprise a high-integrity cabin with front and rear crumple zones that help absorb energy in a collision by dissipating it into the entire body. The cabin structure is hardened with strategically placed reinforcements to minimise damage to its integrity. These improvements were based on simulated tests of collisions experienced in actual accidents.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Gate-Type Shift Lever251 viewsA touch of sporty elegance is evident in the elegance is evident in the design of the gate-type shift lever.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Foglamp244 viewswhen visibility is compromised by mist and fog, the foglamps act as a brilliant complement to the headlamps.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab radio with CD & MP3 Player380 viewsThe onboard audio system comprising a radio with CD n MP3 player and six built in speakers lets you enjoy the quiet confines of the cabin with its cool sounds.
Toyota Hilux Platform446 viewsThe TOP Platform represents the new chassis for the Hilux. Along with a more rigid frame and improved impact absorption structure, it also boasts a new front independent, coil spring, double wishbone with stabiliser and a rear leaf spring suspension system for enhanced ride comfort and better handling.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Platform466 views
Toyota Hilux Plan702 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab plan521 views
Toyota Hilux Safety306 viewsLimited Slip Differential (LSD), LSP & BV , GOA, Collapsible steering wheel column
Toyota Hilux Double Cab reverse sensors303 viewsmake parkign an easy and convenient task
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Rear Tip-up seat313 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Rear Deck279 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Combination Lamp306 viewsWell-designed, simple and practical. The basic signals for braking, turning and reversing are clearly indicated to other drivers through the rear combination lamps.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Sports bar274 viewsadds a beefy touch to the cargo deck. It's also practical when you need to transport tall itmes like bicycles which can be fastenes to it.
Toyota Hilux Specifications299 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Specifications332 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Side View429 views
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Side Door Impact Beam350 viewseffectively disperse energy caused by side collisions to protect occupants.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Vehicle Security system307 viewsequipped with enough security to qualify for the stringent UK Thatcham-1 rating. The system comprises an engine immobiliser, anti tow sensor, hyper-frequency sensor (to detect cabin intrusion) and even back-up battery for the siren
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Under Rear Seat Storage264 viewsAn example of how the Hilux utilises seemingly unusable space for extra storage of small items.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Triple Meter351 viewsA commanding view of the road is matched by this impressively designed sporty triple meter.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab Sunglass Holder356 viewsEven sunglass need a cosy little home, neat and out of sight. Lamps for reading maps have been integrated into it as well.
Toyota Hilux Double Cab SRS driver Airbag376 viewsIn the event of frontal collision, the SRS (Supplemental Restraints System) Airbag inflates to protect the driver's head and upper torso.
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